Pressing Pedals

If there is an issue with the brakes on your car, there will likely be a few signs that you'll notice. One of the first things that you'll usually notice is that the pedal feels soft. It's almost as if the pedal goes to the floor instead of giving the resistance that you need to get the car stopped while in Talladega, AL.

On the other hand, your brake pedal could be difficult to depress. This is usually a sign that there is an issue with the power assist mechanism. There is supposed to be hydraulic pressure associated with the brakes that make it easier to depress the pedal when needed. When the pressure goes away, then it will be difficult to come to a stop.

Leaks are another issue that you need to have examined. If brake fluid is leaking, then it can quickly lead to severe issues as the overall system can fail without warning. McSweeney Automotive can examine the area underneath your vehicle to determine the exact issue with the pedal and lines.

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