Do You Drive a Dog-Friendly Car?

A beloved dog may seem happy to go anywhere with you including for a drive. You do want your pet to be safe and relaxed in the vehicle. When purchasing a car, dog owners should look for specific features that tag a vehicle as dog-friendly.

Your pet will probably ride in the backseat so look closely at that area. The seats should be in good shape and come with durable covers. The backseat area should also present enough space for the dog to travel in comfort. A lower height, however, may prove more beneficial for some dogs especially elderly ones.

Don't dismiss your dog's climate-comfort level either. The proper temperature makes travel better for a pet. The climate controls should extend to the backseat. Again, that is where your pet spends its time.

Our staff at McSweeney Automotive in Talladega, AL wants you and your pet to be happy. Experience the thrill of riding a new car by taking it on a test drive.

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