What Precautions Should You Take in Advance of a Flat Tire?

Gone are the days when you carried a fifth tire the same size, make, and wheel dimensions as those on which you drive day today. Today, you have “donuts” or smaller versions of your regular tire stored away in hard to get to places. The equipment for changing a flat is no longer centralized either. The jack, lug wrench, and chocks are located in various areas throughout the vehicle to equalize weight.

To prepare for the eventuality of a flat tire, write down the location of all flat tire changing tools, where to place a jack, and where you can locate flares for your protection during the flat tire change. Also, write down the location of your spare and how to access it.

At McSweeney Automotive in Talladega, AL, we check for tire wear and tire pressure changes during every oil change.

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