Truck Bed Liners: Drop-In vs. Spray-On

When you get a new truck, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the biggest is the type of bed liner you want. The two most popular choices are drop-in liners and spray-on liners. We want you to be an informed truck owner and make a decision that's right for your needs, so here's some information you should consider.

Drop-in liners are often the standard option from manufacturers. They're made of thick plastic that's molded to fit the contours of the bed. The main benefits of a drop-in liner are price and versatility. Drop-in liners are very affordable. The smooth texture of the plastic is easy to clean. It also makes cargo slide in easier. Spray-on liners are a bit pricier. However, they can last much longer. A thick liquid is sprayed onto the bed. It features tough grit. This helps to add durability and keeps your items stable on a drive. Overall, spray-on liners are considered to be an investment that's permanent.

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